LAYOLA RECORDS discography

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The greatest local Swiss label from the 60s for the Beat, and 60s Garage music collectors came from Luzern.

Layola Records was formed by the highly successful Swiss businessman John Lay (Born: 1918 in Luzern). They've been active as a record label from 1964 until 1968. John Lay had been a seller, distributor of Hi-Fi, and electronic equipment for most of his life, until to his unfortunately fairily early, unexpected death in 1986. 

John's dad had been the owner of one very first Radio shops from Luzern. Amongst the shop's inventary were also short-wave transmitter's too. John went to study in England as a teen, where he also became an electro engineer too. After his return to Switzerland during WW2 John Lay went on to develop, and sell short - wave transmitter's, along with hidden microphones to the cops, and the military. On January 6. 1942 John Lay's first shop was finally opened at the Hirschengraben in Luzern. They've mainly been wholesaling, and retailing Hi-Fi electronics from that time on. John's son's have been taking care of their father's highly successful undertaking since after his passing in 1986.

Since because they've been distributing vinyl records on the side from 1962 on (labels like Bellaphon, and a few others were early on distributed by John Lay), they've decided to also get their own label going. Some of the 45s from the Layola label were ordered and paid for by the bands (to sell at gigs), others were either produced by Layola Records, or licenced from other labels. 

GIORGIO MORODER used to work as a producer for Layola Records in the mid 60s. Giorgio helped producing a good number of the records, by assisting the recording engineers with his experience and ideas in the studio. On some tracks GIORGIO MORODER even took over the backing vocals part. All types of sound effects were added by Giorgio to the songs, including gun shots, crashing of the waves, and the likes. Of course, later on towards the late 60s Giorgio was scoring big time with one Bubblegum - hit after the other, before he became world famous as the undisputed king of dopey Synth - Disco music in the 70s. GIORGIO MORODER was using THE 5 DORADOS from Luzern, Switzerland to back him up for a while in the 60s. He has even played on some of THE 5 DORADOS recordings too, or was acting as their producer / arranger!

Amount of copies pressed is unknown in some cases, but they sure failed to sell many copies. Most of the better ones (but not all of them) were pressed in amounts of 500 copies, this is according to some of the ex bandmembers. A couple of them could have sold around 200 to 300 copies only (most of the early Layola releases seem to be more than scarce!) Possibly only THE SEVENS could have managed to sell over 500 copies of some of their 45s!

THE SEVENS, 1966 Layola rec. promo photo by THE SEVENS photographer Ruedi Bertschi. L-R: Pierre Aebischer (lead vocals,
rhythm guitar), Nando Gasparini (drums), Muggi Hungerbühler (organ), Michel Bovay (bass), Pino Gasparini (lead guitar)

THE SEVENS reportedly sold more records for the Layola label than any other bands from the label have. They've been making waves especially during the mid 60s, while they've been treated like THE BEATLES by their countless local Swiss fans! No other Swiss Beat band from the mid 60s has ever written as many original songs as THE SEVENS have. One of THE leading Swiss Beat bands from the mid 60s! A class of their own!

Tilt by THE 5 DORADOS could have easily sold a 1000 copies too, but all of their remaining 45s from the Layola label seem to be most difficult to locate, and could have easily been pressed in amounts of around 300 to 500 copies only. Their LPs sold great though, especially The First Album of THE 5 DORADOS!

There were at least three different series of 45s, as well as another one for EPs:

1. The Layola L 17 - 200 series

2. The Orchestrola L label series that counts from zero (=Swiss Jodeling music only)
3. The Layola-Favorit series (=Swiss Jodeling, and Classical music only)
4. The Layola LEP 500 series (=Jenka Polka, and Swiss Jodeling music only)

We will only be covering the L 17 - 200 series for this blog.

The records which are still missing from the Layola L 17 - 200 discography below, were guaranteed played in a different (Swiss Jodeling music, Classical, or Jazz) style. The following discography includes all the 60s Beat releases on Layola records known to the human world!


L 17 - 201 DIE WIENER SAENGERKNABEN - Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht / O Du Froehliche

Date Of Release: 1964

Comments: Their debut release used to be one totally uninteresting classical x-mass choir vocal 45, by a group of boys from Vienna, Austria.

Thanks to long time, top Swiss psych / garage / folk LP dealer Armin Steiner of Klektic Fox Records from Luzern, for sending in a free copy of this dull 45 for my blog!

Link to the fine Mr. Steiner's magic Klektic Fox Records cabinet:

Armin is the guy that has bought all the unsold stock from the Layola label shortly after the death of John Lay in 1986.  Later on the records were distributed by Armin to all the local Swiss collectors, and record dealers (privately, at record fairs, or via his record lists!) I've sold many of them myself during the 80s!

Then, after a while, Armin sudendly said that his supply had already gotten to small, and that he could not be offering any future copies anymore. Much later, right before I was starting out with this brandnew blog entry, I've found out that he still had some last copies of a few of the records left, so I've got them for our blog! If you'd like to place an order for any 45 from this blog that's marked as available for sale, then please direct your order by email to: featheredapplerecords@balcab.ch

L 17 - 202 THE 5 DORADOS - Tilt / Wake Up

Date Of Release: 1964

Comments: Frantic early beat grinder, backed with a cool possibly Mar-Keys influenced "Belgian Popcorn" styled tittyshaker! Ex JUNIORS, and pre THE DORADOS

Their debut 45 contained two outtakes from their first LP, entitled The First Album Of The 5 Dorados. It was released at the same time as the LP, together with no less but three more 45s of outtakes from the same LP.

One of the bandmembers used to work for John Lay / Layola Records.  They more or less could be rated as the house band of John Lay's Layola Records emporium! 

A very versatile band that could play all types of music, including Soul / RnB instrumentals,  60s Beat, Belgium Popcorn, etc. They've been recording some absolutely great Swiss Beat tracks during the mid 60s, including even a couple of German sung ones that really matters.

Available for sale: Yes, we have one still unplayed original 45 available!
Condition: MINT / MINT- (!!)
Price: CHF 85:- Swiss Franks

L 17 - 203 THE 5 DORADOS - Blue Beat Time / Please Come Back
Date Of Release: 1964

Comments: The hard to find 2nd 45 by THE 5 DORADOS repeats two songs from their first LP: The First Album Of The 5 Dorados.

Blue Beat Time plays a medium paced track in the Blue Beat style, while the flipside contains a ballad with flute, that is reminiscent of some of the Dutch 60s Beat ballads!

It was released with two different labels. 

Pictured at the right is one signed copy of the red labeled Orchestrola version that was housed inside a Layola label sleeve.

The blue labeled Layola pressing was issued with a Picture sleeve!

Help!, I'm still missing out of the blue labeled Layola version with Picture sleeve!

L 17 - 204 THE 5 DORADOS - Memphis Tennessee / Last Night

Date Of Release: 1964

Comments: Super rare early Swiss Beat 45 by the leading '60s beat band from Luzern!

Contains great versions of the classic Chuck Berry / Mar-Keys tunes!

Both tracks are mono outtakes from their first LP. It was released together at the same time with the four records that you can find listed on the back cover.

There exists two versions of this 45: The commercially released blue labeled Layola records pressing with the picture sleeve, as well as the promo-only "Jukebox Single" with the red Orchestrola labels.

Pictured on the left is a vintage Layola records promo card from 1964 that was made to promote the following first five debut records by THE 5 DORADOS at once:

L 17-202 Tilt / Wake Up
L 17-203 Blue Beat Time / Please Come Back
L 17-204 Memphis Tennessee / Last Night
L 17-205 Shakin' All Over / Giddy Up Twist
L 30-304 LP The First Album Of The 5 Dorados

Their first four 45s were nothing but outtakes from the first album. They were all recorded and released at around the same time.

Many thanks to Sam Mumenthaler for selling me the red labeled Orchestrola Single for my blog.

Available for sale: Yes, we have one copy of the original Single available!
Condition:  VG+ / VG+
Price: CHF 100:- Swiss Franks

L 17 - 205 THE 5 DORADOS - Shakin' All Over / Giddy Up Twist

Date Of Release: 1964


L 17 - 206 THE SCORPIONS - Hello Josephine / Just Like Me

Date Of Release: Early 1965

Comments: Killer UK Beat / RnB / Punk, especially on the super frantic flipside! 

It was first released on the Dutch CNR label in December 1964, before it got waxed-up on Layola in early 1965.

THE SCORPIONS came from Manchester in the UK, but were highly successful especially in Holland, where they've been releasing a string of fantastic LPs, and 45s for the CNR label.

This is ultra rare as a Swiss pressing, especially in nice condition! Most of the copies that I've came across have appeared in no better than VG/VG condition!

There is also one pretty much impossible pressing of Hello Josephine / Just Like Me on the Swiss Elite Special label somewhere out there, that was amazingly issued with the ordering number of the Layola 45! However, since because Layola were actually pressing their records through Elite Special (the house label of the Swiss pressing plant Turicaphon AG), I would rather get to believe that the Elite Special label pressing with the false Layola Records ordering number could have been one rare, and pretty much unique label misprint!

The 2nd pressing of this 45 came with much smaller letterings on the labels.

Available for sale: Yes, we have one sleeveless copy of the original 45 available!
Condition: VG- record only (No Picturesleeve!) wol (=signed by it's previous owner "Muggi")
Price: CHF 15.- Swiss Franks

L 17 - 207 THE SCORPIONS - Keep A-Knockin' / Johnny B. Goode

Date Of Release: Early 1965

Comments: Frantic UK Beat 2-sider by THE SCORPIONS from Manchester! One of the by far greatest UK bands from the 60s that was able to climb the charts on the continent in the mid 60s.

Both sides were recorded in 1964 already, and have also appeared on their first LP too. 

This is ultra rare as a Swiss pressing, especially in nice condition! 

Most of the copies that I've came across have appeared in no better than VG-/VG- condition!

L 17 - 208 CASEY JONES AND HIS ENGINEERS - Don't Ha Ha / Long Gone Train

Date Of Release: Early 1965

Comments: Hard to find Swiss pressing of UK classic! Most of the Swiss shops were selling the classic German pressing on the Bellaphon label of it. The German Bellaphon label was also distributed by Layola Records in Switzerland. This is the one and only Layola 45 that ever got licensed from the German Bellaphon label.

The German pressing on Bellaphon is very common, and easy to find inside Switzerland, but the Layola issue is super rare!

Both sides were recorded in 1964 already.

The record sleeve came with the same design on both sides!

Pictured at the left is the original Layola promo flyer from 1965 for it.

CASEY JONES AND THE GOVERNORS have been touring, and playing Switzerland a couple of times back in the mid 60s. They've been sharing the stage with THE SEVENS several times, and they reportedly were a fabulous live band with a high energy singer, this is according to their old fans!

L 17 - 209 TONNY EYK AND HIS JENKA BOYS - Letkiss Time "Pretka Jenka" / Letkiss Time "Happy Jenka"

Date Of Release: 1965

Comments: Single in the Jenka dance style. Hard to find, but not very interesting for the 60s Beat collectors. Tonny Eyk used to be a pseudonym of the Dutch composer Teun Eikelboom. 

There also exits a Layola Records EP by Tonny Eyk And His Jenka Boys (LEP 501) that hails from around the same time, and was including both songs from this Single on the A-Side, coupled with "Doggy's Jenka" and "Festival Jenka" on the B-Side.

Many thanks to Stephan  Rubli for the scanns of his record.

L 17 - 210 JOHNNY MOHR - Whole Lotta Shokin' Goin' On / Ich Tanz Den Shake

Date Of Release: 1965

Comments: Ultra rare Swiss issue of early rocking 1964 German Beat 45 from the Alwin label. Ex THE YELLOWSTONES.

Dig the utter cool cover and label title misprints to the Dave Curlee Williams - Roy Hall ultra classic Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On! Funny thing is that they didn't even spell his real name correctly on neither the cover nor on the labels. It should have read JOHNNY MOHR, not Jonny Mohr!!

Thanks so much to the cute, and generally very cool Swiss radio DJ Claudia Kayrooz --host of "Sound Dog", a fabulous Swiss '50s-'60s Rock and Roll / Beat specialized radio-programm on Kanal K Radio-- for finally getting me a nice original picture sleeve for this, after almost 35 years of searching!

L 17 - 211 (Unreleased) THE MODS - All The Day / Long Tall Sally

Date Of Release: Recorded in 1965, but never released!

Comments: First unreleased version of THE MODS Single including the otherwise unreleased track Long Tall Sally on the flipside! The A-Side contains the same version of All The Day that was also used for THE MODS released 45 with the same ordering number below, except that All The Day seems to appear in slightly better soundquality on their actual released single. I've never heard a better 60s Beat / Garage version of Long Tall Sally!

This previously unreleased version of THE MODS single has been reissued as a strictly limited (to 500 copies) mail-order only vinyl 45 by Feathered Apple Records in April 2000. The Feathered Apple Single has never been available from any shops, it was only available for retail directly from Feathered Apple Records. 

We still have around 25 copies of the all official Feathered Apple reissue 45 left. Price: 15 Swiss Franks each (retail only!)

L 17 - 211 THE MODS - All The Day / Nobody's Woman

Date Of Release: 1965

Comments: Monster 1965 Swiss Beat / Garage doubledecker by THE MODS from Winterthur! The rarest and greatest released Swiss 60s record in the "Garage" style ever made!

They've put SHEL TALMY as for the song writter of the flipside Nobody's Woman, but there definitely exists no SHEL TALMY composition under that title. Nobody's Woman sounds as if THE MODS could have heard THE KINKS classic Bald Headed Woman (written by SHEL TALMY), but the text and music of Nobody's Woman does not match with the SHEL TALMY track at all! It sounds more like some unique answer record to Bald Headed Woman, for they've changed most of the text, and music. They've made one radical and totally unique arrangement of THE KINKS track so to say, but the song that they were were creating wasn't ever written by Talmy!

Both sides have been recorded at some unknown Layola recording studio in Luzern.

This could be the ultimate best, loudest and fastest played Swiss 60s Beat / Garage record ever made: Roland "Roly" Schmid's lead guitar parts on Nobody's Woman are tremendous and amongst the very best lead guitar breaks to be ever heard on a Swiss 60s Beat record!

THE MODS could be regarded as the "house band" of Roger Theiler's legendary "Africana", THE Beat-mecca of Winterthur, Switzerland, from the mid 60s, for they've played most of their gigs at the "Aff" ("AFF" = a short nickname for the Africana, which translates to "MONKEY"!)

All The Day / Nobody's Woman was first released with blue Layola labels. Some copies came with red Orchestrola labels. Both versions are nearly impossible to find, which is just amazing for the fact that it exists with two different labels. The original first blue labeled Layola version seems to be the rarer one of the two! THE MODS have not been aware of the red labeled Orchestrola pressing. The Orchestrola version usually turns up sleeveless (and I think with jukebox marks) only. Only FEW copies know of each version.

Most of the copies have reportedly sold in Winterthur, however to find one copy of this record in Winterthur today seems to be one pretty much impossible undertaking!

Amount of copies pressed is unknown, but there could not have been too many of them made!

A true holy grail record for any serious Swiss Beat / Garage collectors, the likes of THE CHATLES (=they've made the rarest 60s Beat / Garage 45 from Germany), I PHAFER (from Italy), or even THE KEGGS (from Michigan, USA), etc.

Most of the copies that have survived appear in sleeveless VG- condition, or come with a beat up, torn G- looking Picture sleeve at best (few copies known). There are possibly no more than 3 to 5 nicely kept VG+ to M- copies of THE MODS 45 in collectors hands up to this point. Even the ex band members, and their familes don't have this 45 anymore, which of course makes it even rarer than it already is!

L 17 - 212 THE RED DEVILS - Wooly Bully / Jenny Jenny

Date Of Release: 1965

Comments: Killer Swiss Beat / Garage version of the Penniman classic Jenny Jenny with frantic sax and lead guitar breaks by THE RED DEVILS from Basel city, Switzerland! 

They were the first Swiss band to ever play at the legendary Star Club in Hamburg, Germany during the period of August 28. - August 30. 1964, while the band was still called LES DIABLES ROUGES (french for THE RED DEVILS).

THE RED DEVILS recording sessions for the Layola label took place on Tuesday, July 27. 1965 (whole day), as well as on Friday, July 30. 1965 (after 19:00 O'clock), at the Landgasthof Riehen, in Basel city with Pitt Linder for recording engineer, and possibly Giorgio Moroder as supervisor from the Layola label, although the bandmembers were never introduced to Pitt's helper, and since because Moroder has changed his look a lot after the mid 60s, but also because over 40 years have past since the recording session, Moroders presence in the studio could not be confirmed by the ex band members yet. Moroder could have been present in the studio during recording, but he didn't have any reasons to interact during, or after the recording of the songs. THE RED DEVILS songs were solely recorded by Pitt Linder, with some unknown producer from Layola Records sitting in a chair watching, and listening while the band was playing their songs. The following four songs were recorded during THE RED DEVILS recording sessions: Wooly Bully, Jenny Jenny (the two titles from this 45), as well as Love To You and Little By Little from the Various Artists LP: THE BEAT BOMB made by Layola Records in 1966. 

A fantastic live band, with a killer guitar and sax sound, that could also deliver inside the recording studio just as well!!

Cover photo by Ruedi Bertschi. Same design on both sides of the sleeve.

Only around 500 copies made! They've sold out very quickly in the 60s. Consequently there were NEVER any unplayed copies of this particullar 45 found.

Available for sale: Yes!
Condition:  VG++ / strong VG+ (very nice condition, with minor signs of wear only!)
Price: CHF 125:- Swiss Franks (=surely a bargain for this truly super rare record!)

L 17 - 213 (unreleased) THE 5 DORADOS - Hound Dog / Mr. Jones

Date Of Release: Recorded 1965, but never released

Comments: Still unreleased Single! It was recorded with the assistance of GIORGIO MORODER at the Landgasthof Riehen, in Basel, Switzerland.

L 17 - 214 THE SHEAPES - Andalucia / The Strand

Date Of Release: 1965

Comments: Masterfully played Beat instrumentals like The Shadows, with chorus like backing vocals by Giorgio Moroder in the mix! 

Both cuts were recorded by Pitt Linder featuring the assistance of Giorgio Moroder towards the end of July 1965 at the Landgasthof Riehen, in Basel city, Switzerland. The book Als Die Haare Länger Wurden claims that this 45 was recorded in January 1966, which of course seems to be totally wrong!

Only 500 copies made, but you hardly ever find one of them for sale!

Bad news: THE SHEAPES' bandleader PETER BRUGGER has unfortunately died on lung cancer towards the end of 2011 (r.i.p.). He used to be known as the HANK MARVIN from Basel!

PETER BRUGGER was starting out in 1959 to sing and play Rock "N" Roll live on stage in a duo together with a drummer. His first band THE TORNADOS have formed in 1961, and were named after one of Peter's early guitar instrumental original compositions, the "Tornado-Rock". They've played in ca. the style from THE SHADOWS to JOHNNY AND THE HURRICANES, and were winning one important band battle after the other. 

Thanks to the overwhelming chart action from the British band THE TORNADOS (they've put the JOE MEEK produced 1961 monster hit record "Telstar" in orbit), THE TORNADOS from Basel city finally decided to change their name to THE BLIZZARDS in 1963. An excellent SHADOWS inspired Beat instrumental EP (limited to 200 copies) was privately produced and released by THE BLIZZARDS in December 1963. This EP rates the first officially released Swiss 60s Beat record from Basel ever made!

Early on in 1965 THE BLIZZARDS decided to play music for a living. Next to a couple of lineup changings, they've found out that there was already existing another well known Beat band called THE BLIZZARDS, obviously they've had to look for a new band name once again in order to avoid any possible future conflicts between the German 60s Beat band THE BLIZZARDS from the Star Club, and Fontana labels. A new band name called THE SHEAPES (incorrect english for SHAPES) was chosen for their final moniker towards ca. summer of 1965.

Correct infos about THE SHEAPES recording history are kinda hard to get, also because the ex bandmembers have long forgotten about each and every detail! Fact is that the two cuts from the Layola 45 were already recorded as part of a planed Layola compilation LP of 60s Beat bands from Basel towards the end of June 1965, and that they should rate as THE SHEAPES debut recordings. I have no clue about it's date of release though! Both cuts have also made it onto Layola's BEAT BOMB LP in 1966 too.

THE SHEAPES 45 from the Eurex label (Black Cat / Lotta Love For Tonight) was recorded in August 1965, but it wasn't released until only almost half a year later in January 1966!

The International Beat Festival LP made by Star Club records from Germany was definitely recorded after the Eurex 45, namely on Sunday, September the 5th 1965.

Not to forget about their best one: Black Cat / Rhine Beat from the Columbia label, which had allegedly been recorded in February of 1966, and then released in around April 1966. I've never seen a Columbia advertisement for it (at least not inside POP magazine!), and I don't think that they were ever really promoting it either.

There still exists some more tracks by THE SHEAPES that hail from an unreleased 1966 German Bertelsmann 7" EP recording session. Those recordings are still unreleased to this day because of never ending conflicts between some of the band members, and that's also the main reason why THE SHEAPES finally folded in December 1966. 

Later on in December 1966, PETER BRUGGER already continued to play with BUZZ BENNETT's band THE SEXTETT 63 for a while, this is until he finally decided to earn his money as a guitar teacher in the late 60s. He's been teaching guitarists at Music Hug in Basel for a long time during the 70s into the 80s, I think. Later on, and until the rest of his life he's been teaching them privately from at home!

L 17 - 215 (unreleased) THE DYNAMITES - Little Girl / Tell Me Yes Or No
Date Of Release: 1965

Comments: Still unreleased Single! Only 3 test pressing Singles with blank labels made! 

Both tunes were written by their bandleader Robert Wittner. 

Of course, the early version of Tell Me Yes Or No pales in comparison to the much different killer version from the mighty Columbia label, but the early unreleased Layola version is still great!

THE DYNAMITES track Little Girl was later on rerecorded by THE SEVENS under the new title of Little Girl I Know for the release of Layola L 17- 221. THE SEVENS version of Little Girl is a real classic, but the original version by THE DYNAMITES is even better! A fabulous track, that should finally find an official release one of these days!

This pair of cuts was recorded by Pitt Linder towards the end of June 1965 at the Landgasthof Riehen, in Basel city. 

Never released because THE DYNAMITES were able to get signed to Columbia Records, where they've promptly been re-recording Tell Me Yes Or No for the flipside of Too Late.

L 17 - 215 HARRY & DIE BAMBIES - Nüt Isch Gsi / Alles Choscht Gäld

Date Of Release: 1965

Comments: The A-side plays a Swiss dixieland type of number with female vocals. The hard to define flipside is more in the traditional Swiss folk style.

Definitely uninteresting for 60s Beat collectors!

Both side of the Picturesleeve look the same.

A couple of Layola 45s came with some crummy center-pieces as the one in the picture. Those center pieces are of no real value to the collectors, because they didn't even hold properly, and because they were bad for the sleeves.

L 17 - 216 THE SEVENS - Seven / In God I Trust

Date Of Release: 1965

Comments: Killer Swiss Beat/Garage 2-sider with frantic guitar and organ leads by the legendary SEVENS from Basel city!

One of the very best Swiss 60s Beat records ever made!!

No other Swiss Beat band from the 60s has ever written as many own songs as THE SEVENS have! 
They've been amongst one of the three leading Swiss Beat bands from the 60s, along with THE DYNAMITES, and LES SAUTERELLESThe best Swiss Beat band from the 60s to some people, and they were even releasing more records than THE DYNAMITES have.

The labels put "Boway" for songwritter, which is not correct. Seven was really written by the team of Pierre Aebischer - Michel Bovay - Pino Gasparini, while the song on the flipside (In God I Trust) was actually inked by Pierre Aebischer.

Pierre Aebischer (1965)
Since after the unfortunate loss of THE SEVENS bandleader Michel Bovay (r.i.p.) back in April 2009 (he used to have bone cancer for quite a while), we've now also lost THE SEVENS main songwritter / singer and rhythm guitarist Pierre Aebischer (r.i.p.) towards the end of the year 2011 too.

Pierre Aebischer used to be the masterbrain behind litterally all THE SEVENS tracks, including Seven, In God I Trust, The Love Of A Bird, My Mother, Talk About Her, What Can I Do, and Be My Loving Baby. We will be honoring Michel and Pierre's careers with some special blog entries later!

Both sides of this record were recorded on the 1st of August 1965 at the Landgasthof Riehen, in Basel city, Switzerland with Pitt Linder at the recording desk, and Giorgio Moroder for producer. 

Around 1000 or more copies of it have sold in the 60s. This is guaranteed one absolutely super rare, and much sought after record today, especially with the original picture sleeve still nicely intact!

L 17 - 217 THE SEVENS - Be My Loving Baby / The Love Of A Bird

Date Of Recording: August 1. 1965

Date Of Release: 1965

Comments: THE SEVENS fantastic 2nd 2-sider actually came out first (it was released prior to the L 17-216 single!)

One of their very best 2-siders! 

The Love Of A Bird accidentally almost sounds a bit like THE SEEDS, with similar type of tempo changes, as well as with an almost SEEDS like guitar / organ sound! This, together with it's very clever lyrics, and snotty vocals, makes it an instant classic!

They are the same recordings as on 
THE SEVENS LP, except that the 45 plays with a full, loud mono sound, whilst the LP contained stereo mixes of the two songs! 

The labels put "Boway" for songwritter, which is not correct: 
Be My Loving Baby was actually written in teamwork by Pierre AebischerMichel Bovay and Pino Gasparini, while the song on the flipside (The Love Of A Bird) was really inked by Pierre Aebischer. 

Both sides were recorded by Pitt Linder featuring the assistance of Layola Records' world famous hit record producer Giorgio Moroder on August 1. 1965 at the Landgasthof Riehen in Basel city.

No unplayed mint copies of this 45 have surfaced after the death of the label owner in 1986, which makes it one of their rarest ones!

This Layola 45 by THE SEVENS is surely harder to find than any of the super rare Swiss Columbia 45s by THE DYNAMITES, and LES SAUTERELLES that are fetching top prices on eBay, but it usually goes for less! It could take you years to track down one copy of this record!

Pictured on the left is the original promo flyer that was made for the release of THE SEVENS first two 45s on the Layola label. The German written promo flyer reads that Be My Loving Baby / The Love Of A Bird was already ready to ship ("sofort lieferbar"), while Seven / In God I Trust was still in preparation ("in Vorbereitung"), which means that Be My Loving Baby should actually count as their true debut 45!

L 17 - 218 MR. PFLUGER'S JAZZBAND - In The Mood / The Sheik Of Araby

Date Of Release: 1965

Comments: A Swiss Jazz record.

Uninteresting for 60s Beat collectors!

L 17 - 219 MR. PFLUGER'S JAZZBAND - Smug Hare / Weary Blues

Date Of Release: 1965

Comments: A Swiss Jazz record that I've never really cared to own!

L 17 - 220 THE SEVENS (LES PIRATES) - Balla Balla / Ju-Ju-Hand

Date Of Recording: 1965
Date Of Release: 1965

Comments: First pressing with LES PIRATES as band name on the blue Layola labels! At least the picture sleeve had their band name spellt correclty as THE SEVENS. It comes with the exact same design on both sides of the record cover.

Nobody seems to know why they were releasing it as LES PIRATES,  but THE SEVENS were originally starting out as LES PIRATES in 1964, before they've had to change their name to THE SEVENS in September 1965, to avoid conflicts with Dany Logan's famous French band of the same name from the Bel Air label. 

THE SEVENS were forced by the Layola label to record the two songs. THE SEVENS never wanted to record this single, since the two songs were regarded as fairly dull Beat noveltly compositions by the band, however they were recording them anyways! 

Somehow the producers at Layola records got hold of a reel to reel tape copy of THE RAINBOWS classic versions of the two songs before they were even released as a 45 by CBS records in Germany. The producers at Layola were positive that THE SEVENS could eventually be landing the hit, if they were going to release the record first!

 45 sold great, it even got licensed for release as a 7" on the Elite Special label in Germany, as well as in Switzerland (along with several appearances of the two SEVENS tracks on some dubious compilations in the mid 60s), but the small Layola label was still unable to nearly reach the enormous sales of THE RAINBOWS 7" from the mighty, world leading CBS label!

I believe that only the first 500 copies could have been issued with the blue Layola labels. A very tough record to locate, especially with the original Picture sleeve still in decent condition!

L 17 - 220 THE SEVENSBalla Balla / Ju-Ju-Hand 

Date Of Recording: 1965
Date Of Release: 1966?

Comments: 2nd pressing with red Orchestrola labels!

This issue could hail from around very early 1966, I think, because the red Orchestrola labels already came with the much smaller, later letterings.

The band name THE SEVENS finally got spelled correctly on the labels. 

The red Orchestrola labeled version was issued with the exact same Layola L 17 - 220 picture sleeve that the blue labeld Layola was originally housed in. Only the printing quality of the picture sleeves seem to slightly differ: The picture sleeve from the red Orchestrola labeled version seems to appear slightly darker, leaving slightly less details to the band photo.

THE SEVENS raw guitar / organ Beat / Garage versions of the two songs are even more unpolished than the hit versions by THE RAINBOWS!

Pictured on the left is the original 1965 promo flyer for THE SEVENSBalla Balla / Ju Ju Hand on Layola L 17 - 220.

Available for sale: Yes!
Condition:  VG+ / VG (#oc, plus one small repaired tear at the opening. No seams split, some wear at the cover opening only)
Price: CHF 140:- Swiss Franks

L 17 - 221 (unreleased) THE SEVENS - Little Girl I Know / My Mother

Date Of Release: (Never released)

Comments: Unreleased test-pressing Single including completely DIFFERENT early takes of both songs! Only 3 copies made! It was pre dating the below single by a couple of months.

L 17 - 221 THE SEVENS - Little Girl I Know / My Mother

Date Of Release: 1966

Comments: My Mother is a super 60s garage vocal with frantic guitar/organ leads! Muggi has been taking care of the lead vocals on the A-side.

Available for sale: Yes!
Condition:  MINT / MINT-
Price: CHF 175:- Swiss Franks

L 17 - 222 (unreleased) THE 5 DORADOS - Three Words / I've Had Enough

Date Of Release: Recorded in 1966, but never released!

Comments: Still unreleased Single!

L 17 - 222 THE SAVAGES - Drum Stomp / Archimede

Date Of Release: 1966

Comments: Killer Swiss Beat instrumental 45 by the leading Beat- and Surf- instrumental band from Zurich! Tough to find in any condition!

L 17 - 223 THE 5 DORADOS - Empty Chair / But Most Of All

Date Of Release: 1966

Comments: Contains one truly fabulous Swiss Beat track on the flipside, while the A-side plays a slow Beat / Pop ballad. Only around 500 copies made!

Available for sale: Yes!
Condition:  MINT / MINT-
Price: CHF 150:- Swiss Franks

L 17 - 224 (unreleased) THE 5 DORADOS - Peter Gun / Dorado Hop (1966)

Date Of Release: Recorded in 1966, but never released!

Comments: Still unreleased Single!

L 17 - 224 THE COUNTDOWNS - Vacation / Far Away

Date Of Release: 1966

Comments: Ultra rare and great first 2-sider by THE COUNTDOWNS from Basel! The picture sleeve has them sporting their self made guitars! 

Both sides were recorded at some unknown Layola recording studio in Luzern.

On the back cover you get a glimpse of some of the titles that have been distributed by Layola Records in the mid 60s.

They've sold some very cool stuff from a couple of other labels including 45s by THE KENTUCKYS, and THE VANGUARDS. Although, some of the records pictured seem to be virtually impossible to find today! Like, I've never came across one copy of THE VANGUARDS version of Gloria ever, and I seriously doubt that they were able to move many copies of the stuff that they were distributing!

Pictured at the left is one ultra rare Layola promo flyer for Vacation from 1966.

L 17 - 225 THE COUNTDOWNS - Sexmaniac / I'm A Man

Date Of Release: 1966

Comments: Killer Swiss Beat 2-sider from 1966! One of the very best Swiss Beat 45s ever made! Their best one!

was thought to be a bit too risky back then. On the back cover of the super cool Picture sleeve you get the body of a girl stripped down to her undies with Sexmaniac implanted onto her belly. 

Only 500 copies made.

This is close to impossible to find 2nd hand locally inside Basel! Few unplayed Mint copies have turned up after the death of the label owner in the mid 80s. This is much more in demand amongst collectors than Vacation is, because of it's greatness. Both of their Layola 45s are about equally hard to find, though!

L 17 - 226 ? (unknown)

L 17 - 227 ? (unknown)

L 17 - 228 THE GHOOLS - The Ghools / I'T Will Be Fine

Date Of Release: 1966

Comments: Super cool cryptic folk beat/garage 2-sider by this obscure band from Basel city, Switzerland! Both sides great! One of the rarest, and also best Swiss Beat 45s from the Layola label.

L 17 - 229 MARIO BATTAINI - Lara's Theme From Doctor Zhivago / Un Homme Et Une Femme

Date Of Release: 1966

Comments: Contains Musette Accordion versions of two classic tracks! Uninteresting for the 60s Beat collectors. Nice sleeve though!

L 17 - 230 THE SEVENS - Don't You Fret / Panam

Date Of Release: 1966

Comments: This tremendous Sevens Single of LP outtakes, was released together with the legendary SEVENS LP in ca. March, or April 1966. The Single has got a great, loud "mono" sound, while the LP versions are in full "stereo"! One of their rarest ones!

L 17 - 231 THE SEVENS - I'm Not The Right / Run Me Down

Date Of Release: 1966
Comments: The final SEVENS Single was recorded directly after the Sevens return from Scandinavia in 1966. Only 500 copies made! It used to rate as Michel Bovay´s favorite Sevens Single (r.i.p.)

Available for sale: Yes!
Condition:  MINT- / VG++ (some ringwear as usual!)
Price: CHF 175:- Swiss Franks

L 17 - 232 THE 5 DORADOS - Wall-Flower / Tomorow

Date Of Release: 1966

Comments: Fabulous Swiss Beat / Popsike / Garage 2-sider with organ, and a great lead guitar break on the A-side! Only around 500 copies made! Super rare!

Available for sale: Yes!
Condition:  M-/M-
Price: CHF 160:- Swiss Franks

L 17 - 233 RUBY RATS - Ruby Soul / Heatwave

Date Of Release: 1966

Comments: Great Swiss-only German Beat / Garage 2-sider from 1966 like THE LIVERBIRDS! Only around 500 copies made!

Available for sale: Yes! Just one copy left!
Condition:  M/M-
Price: CHF 200:- Swiss Franks

L 17 - 234 THE SHAMROCKS - Crossbow / Midnight Train

Date Of Release: 1966

Comments: Ultra rare Swiss original issue from 1966 by THE SHAMROCKS from the Isle Of Wight, UK! The flipside plays a killer UK Beat / RnB raver with harp, and fantastic lead guitar like THE DOWNLINERS SECT! This is much rarer than the German issue on Ariola!

Available for sale: Yes!
Condition:  M/M-
Price: CHF 120:- Swiss Franks

L 17 - 235 DAVE AND GARY - Still Waters Run Deep / The Cool Breeze Of The Evening

Date Of Release: 1966, or 1967

Comments: Obscure, possibly Swiss Folk duo with accoustic guitars, and backing! Quite good for it's style! It probably sold poorely for the Layola label.


Date Of Release: 1966, or 1967

Comments: A Swiss Jodeling music record. Uninteresting for 60s Beat collectors!

L 17 - 237 LAENDLERKAPELLE CHARLY WIDMER - Seppetoneli-Schottisch / Jetzt Wird G'Joedelet
Date Of Release: 1966, or 1967

Comments: Another Swiss Jodeling music record. Uninteresting for 60s Beat collectors!

Recorded at the Restaurant Stadt- und Rathauskeller, in Luzern, Switzerland. Released with black / silvery Layola labels.

Lead jodeling: TRUDY PFISTER

Thanks to long time, top Swiss psych / garage / folk LP dealer Armin Steiner of Klektic Fox Records from Luzern, for sending in a free copy of this dull 45 for my blog! You can still find some copies of it for sale on Armin's website.

Link to the fine Dr. Steiner's magic Klektic Fox Records cabinet: 

L 17 - 238 THE GAMBLERS - Little Girl / For Your Love

Date Of Release: 1966, or 1967

Comments: Fantastic Swiss / Austrian Beat / Garage 45 with fuzz, especially on the A-Side! 

THE GAMBLERS were an Austrian 60s Beat band from Hohenems that first came to play in Switzerland in 1966, where they've hooked up with a Swiss lead singer named Hans "Hansi" Buch (ex TOM BOYS, MASCOTS, and ex THE MORLOCKS) who also ended up as their song writter too. The A-Side was written by Hansi!

Both cuts were recorded sometime towards the end of 1966. The bandname should have read THE GAMBLERS on the labels, not just GAMBLER! Pictured is one pretty much impossible promo copy with "HIT-verdaechtig" - sticker on label, along with a green "BRAND NEW LAYOLA" - sticker on top of the cover! Regular copies were issued without any stickers.

Only 500 copies made!

Both songs have also appeared on the 1966 compilation LP "IT'S ELLE TIME" made by Pips Records (EBLP 2000)

Available for sale: Yes!
Condition:  M/M- (=in perfect unplayed MINT condition!)
Price: CHF 50:- Swiss Franks

L 17 - 239 THE NEEDLES - Mama Let Me Go / I Belong To Your Heart

Date Of Release: 1966, or 1967

Comments: Fabulous '66 Dutch Beat / Garage 45 by THE NEEDLES from Rotterdam. THE NEEDLES were consisting of five black guys from Dutch Guyana (a.k.a. Suriname,) in South America that have moved to Rotterdam, Holland while touring Europe in 1966. 

Soundwise, it reminds me of some of the African Beat / Garage 45s from the 60s. The great A-Side would easily fit onto some cool international Beat / Garage comps.

There were only 500 copies of this super rare Swiss-only 45 ever made!

It was issued in four (4) different Layola "International Top Hits" label sleeves at the very same time. 

The first sleeve pictured at the right appears to be blue / light red / white on one side, and is red / light blue / white on the reverse. Two orange "BRAND NEW LAYOLA" - stickers (one for each side) were most likely added for promotional purposes on some copies only. Most of the copies were released without the rare stickers.

The 2nd sleeve at the right appears in red / light green / white on one side, and is green / light red / white on the back. Two orange Layola stickers were added on some rare copies only.

The 3rd sleeve pictured is yellow / pink / white on one side, while the same sleeve appears to be purple / yellow / white on the reverse. This version of the sleeve seems to be rarer than the others!

The 4th and last sleeve pictured at the right happens to be purple / light blue / white on one side, the backside however appears in dark blue / pink / white!

Both songs were recorded sometime towards the last couple of months in 1966, and have also appeared on the 1966 compilation LP "IT'S ELLE TIME" (sponsored by the Swiss fashion magazine "Elle") made by Pips Records (EBLP 2000)

Pictured at the left is one rare signed band card from 1966 that was issued by the band for promotion only.

"Mama let me go - go - go, mama let me go!"

Available for sale: Yes,  we have few still unplayed MINT copies of most versions available (except for the 3rd one)
Condition:  M/M- (in still unplayed MINT condition!)
Price: CHF 35:- Swiss Franks

L 17 - 240 GERRY HAYES - Monkiss On the Rocks / Baby That's All

Date Of Release: 1966, or 1967

Comments: Highly danceable tittyshaker instrumental with a "Go-Go" Beat that cut's into the hand clapping parts of THE ROUTERS "Let's Go" for a few seconds here and there! The flipside is even much better: It contains a very cool Mod/RnB vocal track with a voice and organ sound similar to that of GEORGIE FAME AND THE BLUE FLAMES. Highly recommended for UK Mod / Northern Soul DJ's!

Only around 500 copies made!

It was released in at least three different labelsleeves at the very same time. Most of the copies were issued inside the first two Layola label sleeves pictured at the right. The promo only "Brand new Layola" stickers has been added onto a few copies from the 2nd labelsleeve at the right only! In addition to this, I've found 2 copies that came with the exact same label sleeve that THE GAMBLERS 45 Little Girl on Layola L 17 - 238 was issued in, but I believe that they were probably just using a couple of leftovers, from the otherwise totally unique GAMBLERS Layola label sleeve, on a few copies of the GERRY HAYES 45 only.

GERRY HAYES was releasing some more 45s on the German Paletten Records, and Vogue labels. Most people however will remember him for the track "Go Go Girl" that was released as a 7" under the band name of GERRY HAYES AND THE DYNAMIC BRASS for the German Cornet label in 1969.

Both cuts from this unique Swiss-only single were recorded in 1966, and have also appeared on the 1966 compilation LP "IT'S ELLE TIME" made by Pips Records (EBLP 2000)

L 17 - 241 YOLANDA - Lieber John / Ein Leben Voll Liebe

Date Of Release: 1968

Comments: German sung 45 from 1968 in the country and western style by this fairily well known big boobed Swiss singer! The A-Side is actually pretty great, I think, while the flipside plays a real slow country and western crooner with strings.

I believe that it could have been her 2nd 45. She's been releasing her debut 45 on the usually risky German only Hippo label in 1967. The picture sleeve of the Hippo 45 came with a slightly risky cover shot (it puts her boobs totally in front) that hails from the same photo session as the photo from the back cover of her Layola 45.

Musically it sounds as if it could have been recorded in 1967 already (this is in the typical 50s, to mid 60s c&w style), it wasn't released before 1968 though!

After the release of this great 2nd 45, she became became very commercial.

Few promo copies were issued with a special red "Brand new Layola" - sticker on back cover, but I like the uncensored, sticker free version of it better.

It was released with black / silvery Layola labels.

There were no more further 45s released in this series after this. It sold poorely thanks to bad distribution from the label.

Available for sale: Yes
Condition:  M/VG+ (actually one unplayed downgraded MINT / MINT copy with just some light ringwear on both sides of the cover, along with a very few fine hairline scuffs on the printed backcover)
Price: CHF 17:- Swiss Franks

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