LES SAUTERELLES set of previously unreleased 45s

LES SAUTERELLES 50th anniversary releases:

, the leading Swiss Beat band of the 60s, will be celebrating their 50th anniversary as a band on August 19th 2012 with a couple of real exciting releases, and events!

First up there will be a set of two previously unreleased studio 45s from very early 1967 comming out on the Feathered Apple label in August 2012, that was recorded by the classic early lineup from the first LES SAUTERELLES LP, including Toni Vescoli (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Rolf Antener (lead guitar), Enzo Ernst (bass), and Düde Dürst (drums).

This set is consisting of the following two records:

IT'S NOTHING / EVRY 5TH IS FREE (FA 6515) Price: CHF 10 Swiss Franks

"Special 50th anniversary collectors release!" Contains the never before released english sung original versions of Aiuto!...Va Sempre Male? and Il Quinto Non Lo Paghi from 1967.

Both tunes are originals. It's Nothing puts some spectacular monster, distorted lead guitar riffs around a wild Freakbeat / Mod / Beat sound. It sounds much more abrasive than the italian version (Aiuto!...Va Sempre Male?) thanks to it's english lyrics. The flipside plays a fabulous ballad written by their bandleader Toni Vescoli that catches LES SAUTERELLES at their finest!

This is even better than the hard to find italian version of the Single made by Columbia records in 1967!

Limited to just 500 copies only, so better be quick in ordering your copy before they are all gone!

FEW copies left!

Send your order by email to: featheredapplerecords@balcab.ch

BRUCERAI / IT'S NOTHING (FA 6516) Price CHF 8 Swiss Franks

Phenomenal italian sung version of "Ring Of Fire" from early 1967!!!!! It's almost a miracle that such a superlative track was never released in the 60s, because it could have easily became a classic in Italy! Brucerai shows LES SAUTERELLES at one of their very BEST italian recordings!

The flipside repeats the milestone top-deck off their soon to be rare 50th anniversary 45!

One of the best SAUTERELLES 45s ever made! 

Both 45s come complete with artwork courtesy of LES SAUTERELLES' drummer, and regular record cover / poster designer Düde Dürst! 

Perfect sound quality too!! 

Order by email from: featheredapplerecords@balcab.ch

Photo: Collection Feathered Apple Records
In addition to this, Toni Vescoli will also be self publishing his book about LES SAUTERELLES in August 2012. (editors note: The book was finally delayed for release until ca. August 2013, this is according to the latest infos that we've got from Toni Vescoli)

I'm sure that this book will become the bible for any serious SAUTERELLES fans, for it will be guaranteed to contain the by far vastest amount of infos about the band that has ever been gathered together for a book. The by far biggest and most accurate piece ever written about the band, and everything directly from the pencil of the band leader himself!

Details are not known yet, but Toni's book about LES SAUTERELLES is guaranteed to contain a lot of rare unseen photo material, along with various pictures of rare band memorabilia from 1962 until now.  It will most likely be written in German, but I'm sure that some of the non - German speaking collectors will want to get it anyways, as it should be worth it for the rare photo material alone!

Definitely a must have for any serious Swiss 60s Beat fans! 

The book about LES SAUTERELLES will be available for sale directly from Toni Vescoli's following website when ready:http://www.vescoli.ch/

Meanwhile, you may already purchase a copy of LES SAUTERELLES truly fabulous brand new self-released CD "Yesterday" a compilation of the best vintage SAUTERELLES tracks from 1965 - 1969 (including some unreleased material!) through Toni Vescoli's website above!

LES SAUTERELLES, L - R: Toni Vescoli (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Rolf Antener (lead guitar), Enzo Ernst (bass), and Düde Dürst (drums) Photo: Collection Feathered Apple Records

Finally LES SAUTERELLES will be playing five dates at the yearly "Beatle Week" in Liverpool, UK, between August 24th - 27th 2012 that will most likely be attracting ten thousands of international visitors. Other gigs will be advertised on LES SAUTERELLES official website:

LES SAUTERELLES live at Rigiblick Theater, Zürich (Sept. 20th 2012)

Below photos hail from LES SAUTERELLES 50th anniversary gig at Rigiblick Theater, Zürich, Switzerland (September 20. 2012). Click onto the photos to view full size!!

LES SAUTERELLES have played two rousing sets in typical 60s Beat, Folk Beat, to Freakbeat style, along with a few boss 50s Rock and Roll nummers by CHUCK BERRY, and CARL PERKINS (including a killer version of Honey Don't) thrown in for good measure. Tickets for LES SAUTERELLES gig at Rigiblick have already sold out several days in advance. The theatre had been packed to the last chair with enthusiastic local 60s fans from mostly the first hour.

Between sets, as well as after the show members of LES SAUTERELLES were busy signing their highly recommended brandnew CD (entitled Yesterday) of vintage 60s recordings, as well as copies of their two 45s from the Feathered Apple label for their fans. They've eventually signed around a hundred record covers, and photos for their fans easily!

Towards the end of the show they've had to play some encores to calm down the screaming, and stomping crowd at the Rigiblick.

The best, and oldest still ongoing Swiss Beat band from the 60s! A fantastic band to see live, and they still have NOT lost it a bit after 50 years as a band!!!!! Düde was still pounding the drums with the skills, and energy of ca. a Keith Moon of the WHO, which is not surprising for such a technically perfect drummer. Toni still has not lost his very unique brand of voice that has always made LES SAUTERELLES sound so special, and different from all other bands either. Fantastic work also from their lead guitarist Peter Glanzmann too, who's been able to capture the 60s sound in real splendid way on most songs, he was adding a few new licks unheard back in the 60s onto two or three songs (with success), while Freddy Mangili, LES SAUTERELLES bass player from the Hongkong  / Forget It All 45, and Swiss Beat-Live LP period was just always
doing the right thing, also to keep in pace with the others too. A great line up, that has been together for the past 20 years already! Go to LES SAUTERELLES website to find out about their next shows.







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