THE BENDERS - CAN'T TAME ME original or bootleg?

THE BENDERS - Can't Tame Me / Got Me Down (Big Sound No. 306 / 815N-3006)

A true Punk record by any means, and way ahead of it's times! You can listen to Can't Tame Me on Back From The Grave - Vol. 8! The four bandmembers were all students at Stout State University in Menomonie, Wisconsin. Both cuts were recorded in March 1966 at the Big Sound studio in Wausaw, Wisconsin, and then released in May of 1966.

One of the ultimate greatest 60s Punk 45s ever made, but also one of the rarest ones too -- this is especially if found with the original picture sleeve!

COLLECTORS NOTE: Watchout, there are several fake, worthless bootleg copies of The Benders picture sleeves on the market!

The first time that I've came across one undoubtably faked Benders picture sleeve has been in the early 90s, while I was visiting a friendly collector named Claudio Menegatti in Bologna, Italy. Claudio was complaining that he had spent a fortune on the record only because the famous private seller/collector from the U.S. had claimed that the ultra rare picture sleeve was guaranteed original. However, The Benders picture sleeve that Claudio had gotten was guaranteed nothing but a just worthless photocopy! Even the paper of it had been of a totally wrong brand! Claudio later on sold his collection to Fulvio Beretta.

Despite the fake Benders picture sleeve purchased by Claudio, I also know of another guaranteed faked 2nd copy of the Benders picture sleeve that was made by some retired Swiss garage collector (called Thomas B.) that since has sold out of his collection too! This 2nd faked copy of The Benders picture sleeve came with a cracked (but still nicely playable) copy of the original 45 inside! Thomas B. was actually buying the cracked copy sleeveless from me, and then a couple of months later while we were still great friends, he asked me if I would lean him my original picture sleeve so that he could make a copy of it for himself only. I've couldn't see a problem with it back then, this is especially because I've thought that he would never be parting with his collection that easily, but he has! So if you ever come across one cracked copy of The Benders that comes with a very nicely photo copied (but not printed) picture sleeve that was made by using a similar (but definitely not correct) brand of paper, then chances are that it will turn out as the fake copy courtesy of Thomas B. I've seen it once, it was a nicely faked copy overall, but you could easily see that the triangle-like cutting of the top front cover opening was cut slighly inproperly by hand!

WARNING!!: I believe that there were even more faked copies of this always highly in demand picture sleeve made by various different collectors over the years! After I've went searching for "BENDERS" on the Popsike.com website of eBay end auction results, I've amazingly noticed some more kinda suspicious looking Benders picture sleeves that could eventually be fake too! The one that went for the highest seems to come with a suspicious looking top cover opening that could have been cut by hand, but also the paper of the two badly aged looking picture sleeves-only from Popsike.com (that came with NO records on the inside!) could actually easily be of a different brand too! Old, aged paper does not always guarantee that an eBay item will be original. Old aged paper from the 60s could still be findable with a bit of luck!

I was lucky enough to buy my genuine Benders original picture sleeve from the always very reliable Mark Trehus, of Treehouse Records many moons ago!

It would be impossible to fake one original Benders PS correctly, because you won't be able to find the correct brand of paper anymore. Bootleg copies are therefore very easy to spot! An original Benders picture sleeve should look as follows:

Please note that the paper from the original cover is so thin that even the printed text from the backcover will shine through! The cutting of the top frontcover opening seems to be pretty unique and hard to boot! Also the two flipbacks (that you can usually find on the back cover) should appear on the left/right as in my picture too!

Now Dig the double wild liner notes from the back cover below!!!!!:

"The Bender Sound rocks and the guys do not like to play slow songs.. when they get on the stage they are molded into a unit that does nothing but wail."  Wow!
The back cover text was made up by the four bandmembers. The fictious name and address of the manager was added for a joke to make it look more professional. They've never had a manager!

If you are still unsure if your Benders picture sleeve could be original or not, then you may still compare it to the quality of the (also absolutely great) Spacemen - Same Old Grind / Run For Your Life picture sleeve from the same tiny Big Sound label, because the Spacemen original picture sleeve appears to be of the exact same brand (identical brand of paper, same cutting etc.)

The Benders story was featured inside the 2nd issue of Mark Prellberg and Jim Oldsberg's fabulous 50s/60s Rock "N" Roll 'zine Lost And Found in 1993.

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  1. Anonymous9/04/2012

    As an original member of the Benders...I enjoyed your article......Gerry Cain